Growing up without a 4K camera, but rather a 56K modem, when suddenly an era begins where everything seems possible. This is Generatie Alles.






What’s on our minds?


Okay look, the name Generatie Alles, which literally translates to Generation Everything, might come off as cocky. It’s like we know, have and are everything. The idea behind it is actually pretty modest, though.

When we were young we always felt the urge to express ourselves in creative ways. First we were Power Rangers, we would write articles in our local newspaper or we’d be standing in a random meadow in Luxembourg holding our fathers’ film camera. The analogue kind that, after having filmed with it, was pretty much useless because the footage was on tape. Maybe we’ll look those tapes up for you sometime.

In retrospect we would dream of a future where we could do all kinds of things with that footage. Though realistically, we couldn’t have been expected to dream about all the possibilities in the next century. The fact that we were able to digitally record one of our breakdance battles in Rotterdam in 2002 to then share it with the world through the email newsletter was already a dream come true.

Fantasizing about flying cameras that follow you around at breakneck speeds and small HD cameras you’d confidently wear on your head during your travels, or having an office in the city centre with really fast computers and a big fridge full of soda? All these mesmerizing prospects didn’t even cross our minds at the time. And making money with online video? We double-checked our old diaries, but that sure didn’t come up.

We moved from the North and the South of Holland towards Amsterdam and studied our asses off. Business Economics and Astrophysics and pretty much everything in between. Got our diplomas to rendez-vous at that same place again; the random meadow, holding a camera.

So we took a detour. We’ve learned, not just about video. We’ve grown into our digital lives. And now we’ve come back to that same point, years later. While our hobby became our job, online was suddenly a thing, almost more popular than oxygen, and we took our skills to big companies with big offices and big clients.

That’s the end of that story, you’d think.

Would have already been great, getting a full-time contract, doing what you have been doing for fun in the evenings and in the weekends. Making video.

The entrepreneurial spirit emerged though, making us wonder; what would it be like to join forces with the best people we know, to then work from our own office, under our own brand with a big closet full of the sickest camera gear? That urge, or dream, was converted into a concrete todo-list and halfway 2017 Generatie Alles was founded.

Working (more than) full-time and from an enormous passion for stories and the visual, we create online videos for all kinds of cool companies. Some big, some small, we don’t really care. As long as we’re excited about the challenge and there is room for a sincere and involved co-operation.

So what do we have to offer? Let’s say we cover the whole process concerning video. From concept, copy and pre-production, to filming, editing, color grading, animation and everything that comes with it. We don’t necessarily talk that much about what services we offer or what vision we uphold, we rather let our work do the talking. Doesn’t mean we’re quiet during a meeting or anything, because there is enough to talk about. What are your plans with online video, for example? And can we work together to make this happen?

Coffee is always a good idea. Our front door can be found at the Herengracht 338 in Amsterdam, so whenever we're not holding a camera in a bedding factory in Portugal or in a random meadow, you are more than welcome to visit.


Currently working with Nike, Ahold, Professional Rebel, Zand-erover, Holland Jersey, Snurk Beddengoed,
Dept Agency, Max Foundation and Vandersterre Groep.

This last year we’ve worked with Dobla, Dept Agency, Facebook, TamTam, Storyboard Agency, Digital Shapers, Ruimtehouders, De Issuemakers, Museumnacht, L'eau, Wicked Grounds, Woonfonds, Sir Render, mboRijnland, Bol Piano's, Kek Women, Cityguys, History Now, Holland Jersey, Ubideo, Rethinking Economics NL, Una Grill and Splendid.